Marantz Melody Series UK ()

: 05.09.10 | : http://./articles/text.asp?id=150

For those looking to combine class-leading performance with compact looks, Marantz's Melody Series offers a trio of all-in-one systems. Joining last year's award-winner, the Marantz M-CR502, are the Marantz Melody Music M-CR503, the Marantz Melody Media M-CR603 and Marantz Melody Movie M-ER803 The Melody Music adds extra power, an iPod/iPhone digital compatible USB input, and Marantz proprietary M-XPort to the '502's armoury, while the Melody Media brings network support capabilities as well. Meanwhile the Melody Movie offers consumers a beautifully compact Blu-ray receiver, complete with Full HD 1080p output, and compatibility with Marantz's optional Marantz RX101 wireless Bluetooth audio receiver.

If you're looking for a compact all-in-one music player that looks as great as it sounds, then look no further. The Marantz high-quality lifestyle {s257} Series will dazzle you in both look & feel as well as in audio reproduction.

Marantz {s265} introduces the next generation products to turn new media and digital music into quality sound solutions. This is a video clip to show you 3 solutions to join the future of music!