Marantz Network Series - NA7004 & Melody Media M-CR603 ()

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Marantz introduces the next generation products to turn new media and digital music into quality sound solutions. This is a video clip to show you 3 solutions to join the future of music!

Marantz Melody Media M-CR603  

Marantz NA7004 Network audio player UK
Perhaps the most obvious example of Marantz's capacity to embrace new media is the NA7004. This network audio player concentrates on making the absolute best of your music regardless of its origin. To deliver Marantz's renowned sound quality, the Marantz NA7004 houses an audiophile quality DAC and an audio stage applying the company's famous proprietary HDAM-SA2. This dazzling debutant embraces everything digital from the iPhone, to DAB+, and also your USB and HDD-stored music library, as well as internet radio stations. But the NA7004 is not just a digital media source and its extensive specification even includes a tuner to expertly deliver good old analogue FM radio. 

Marantz NA7004  (Marantzamerica)