KI Pearl Lite & CD5004 PM5004 PM7004 ()

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Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite
Using a new cabinet construction, the Pearl Lite stereo amplifier delivers 70 watts per channel, and incorporates a full discreet current feedback amplifier circuit using the latest HDAM-SA3 technology. Further standout design touches include tri-tone control -- Marantz has reintroduced this feature with the specific intention of helping improve the sound of some compressed digital music files -- though, of course, the maker retains its 'source direct' audiophile-pleasing option. And a welcome inclusion for vinyl fans, borrowed directly from its PM-KI Pearl big brother, is an exceptional moving magnet phono stage.

Marantz SA-KI Pearl Lite 
The SA-KI Pearl Lite design acknowledges that some of today's recordings and formats -- CD as well as MP3 -- benefit from extra care in the mid and mid-high frequencies. The result is a machine that delivers detail, pace, and realism, yet also contains a smooth tonal touch. Playback formats include SACD, CD, CD-RW, MP3, and WMA, while the transport used is the same excellent Xyron unit found in the limited edition SA-KI Pearl. Further tech highlights cover HDAM-SA2 technology -- 'SA2 is specifically designed to excel in Marantz's SACD machines --the renowned Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC, and a front-sited iPhone/iPod digital input.

A potentially invaluable addition for digital music fans is the DAC MODE function: you can use the SA-KI Pearl Lite as a DA-Converter via not only the optical and coaxial inputs, but also via the rear panel's USB (Type B) input. This means it's possible to directly connect a PC or media player of your choice, opening up the possibility of (simply and quickly) hearing your digital music at its highest possible quality.


Marantz's two-channel line-up for 2010 includes the welcome arrival of the 'Lite' version of the Premium KI Pearls. The PM-KI Pearl Lite and SA-KI Pearl Lite bring the musical philosophy of the limited edition -- and hugely successful -- Premium KI Pearl system to a more affordable price range, and a bigger potential audience. Pearl Lite highlights include features to make the best of digital or non-packaged music as well as vinyl collections. Joining the new Pearls in the 2010 line-up are the entry-level Marantz CD5004 and Marantz PM5004, while the Marantz PM7004 offers a superb new mid-price integrated option. In light of today's numerous new formats, stereo music clearly remains incredibly important to Marantz.